Tips To Reduce A Frozen Face Look With Botox

Posted on: 31 May 2018


If you want a botox treatment to help make your face look a tad bit younger, then you may be hesitant about getting an injection. One of the biggest botox fears is the fact that individuals often look frozen afterwards. In other words, your face may look like it has no movement. To avoid this issue, consider the following tips.

Ask For Fewer Units

Believe it or not, some people actually want the frozen face look. This is especially true when it comes to older individuals who are looking for a more complete reduction in wrinkles. Oftentimes, individuals will ask for many injections in a specific area, whether a professional recommends this or not.

Botox injections are measured in injection sites and units. Units are not considered a measurement like milligrams, but they do correlate with the amount of botulism toxin that is located within the injectable solution. Units are dispersed across an area, and the more injection sites, the more units that will be injected.

The units and injection site recommendations will depend on your specific condition. However, for a more subtle look, choose the smallest number of injections and units. For example, three to five injections are often inserted around each eye and 12 to 24 units of botox may be used. Ask your cosmetic professional if three injections with a lower 12 to 20 units will produce good results.

Keep in mind that too few units are unlikely to reduce your wrinkles while too many will make your face look frozen. It may take some time to find the correct dosage, so ask for an extra injection site with each appointment until you are happy with the results.

Time Out The Injections

If you want to avoid the look of a frozen face, then you should time out your injections properly. Botox will often last between three and four months. It will wear off over time and you may see wrinkles starting to appear right around the three month mark. However, since there will still be some botulism toxin within the muscle tissue, subsequent injections will add to the botox that is already present. This will have an accumulative effect. 

Wait for the full four months to receive another treatment. Also note that in some cases, a single treatment can last six, nine, or twelve months. So, if you feel that your wrinkles have not returned, then wait until they do.

If you want to know more about botox and how you can see the results that you desire, speak with a cosmetic professional, such as at Belle Meade Dermatologies TN.